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Sardinia - water sports all year at Valledoria

Water sports - sea and river Coghinas

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, our island gives everyone the chance to do numerous sports all year round, and sports clubs and teams will find this the ideal place for training sessions.

However, training is not just for the body, there is the mind and soul as well, in an as-yet unspoilt paradise of colours, tastes and flavours, traditions and traditional values, all of which go to give sports enthusiasts an experience that they will never forget.

Here in the centre of the North Coast of Sardinia it is possible to enjoy all kinds of sports. There are many Sardinian sports clubs who come here to train, both at amateur and professional level – even the German National football team chose to come to Sardinia!

Wind-Surf and Kite-Surf

These activities are possible either on the sea, to enjoy leaping over the waves, or at the mouth of the river to enjoy high speeds and long airborne jumps. The well-known champion Antonio Egris has set up a base and school specifically for these sports and works together with Sa Fiorida.


Special wave formations found only at La Ciaccia mean that enthusiasts can take to the water and enjoy themselves for hours on end, putting on a show that calls to mind some of the best known Californian surfers.

The latest fashion this summer is Sup surf. Splendid waves give a thrill to the most daring, while the mouth of the River Coghinas provides a more peaceful haven for the calmer enthusiasts of this new sport.

Rubber Dinghy Hire.

Rubber dinghies of varying size and with a variety of outboard motors can be hired from several places along the beach during the high summer season, and throughout the year from the Tourist Port at Castelsardo (8 kms away).


For snorkelling enthusiasts it is really easy to find fabulous places to go. In actual fact, the coast offers underwater scenery that changes every hundred metres or so. Flora and fauna alternate along with the sea bottom that varies between flat rocks and white sand. With a simple mask and snorkel, both young and old can admire and enjoy a new world just waiting to be discovered

Scuba Diving.

Scuba qualifications and diving are available thanks to the presence of three schools within a range of about 20 Kms. These all provide guaranteed equipment and recognized professionalism, while the sea off Castelsardo offers a number of interesting wrecks and shoals. Accompanied sea trips and marine biology courses. If you want to find out more about our ocean, a marine biologist will be happy to hold a course explaining more about the local species, together with a snorkeling excursion to see them.


The crystalline sea will tempt you into going for long swims to tone up your muscles or just relaxing on a sun lounger.

h3>Deep-sea fishing

Both half day and full day excursions can be arranged on boats where the skipper will organize everything necessary for fishing (rods, bait etc.), whether big game fishing or trawling.


The long sandy sea shore (around 15 kms), including the mouth of the River Coghinas means that surf-casting enthusiasts can enjoy this sport with excellent results. In Valledoria there are numerous specialist sport fishing shops where you can buy all the different bait and material necessary.



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