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Hotel - an environmental ally - built to satisfy Class A energy requirements

Hotel in respect with the environment

As a small part of the majestic natural environmental world, the Hotel Tartaruga Bianca represents the expression of a philosophy that demands that both construction and lifestyle show complete respect for Nature.

The hotel is in a splendid setting which is rich in protected nature reserves, such as the Coghinas River Estuary and the imposing Monte Ussoni. There are numerous opportunities for visitors who want to enjoy delightful long walks or bicycle rides along the coast or inland.

The hotel has been designed and built with the verandas laid out in such a way as to make the most of the beneficial effects of the sea breezes.

In the nearby protected areas of the Coghinas, you can enjoy boat and canoe excursions through genuinely secluded natural oases, inhabited only by countless examples of local flora and fauna that are typical of the area.

environment protection sardinia

The coastline’s position is such that it is also possible to enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing in a unique and unspoilt setting.

For guests who wish to enjoy an eco-friendly holiday, there is the chance to make free use of the eco-friendly community library, which contains books and magazines that have been donated by various former guests and left for other people to enjoy.

The hotel rooms offer the option of spending a real eco-friendly holiday in respect of the sun, water (supplied in accordance with both guests’ requirements and respect for the environment) and the surrounding territory, all of which co-exist together in complete harmony

Spending a sustainable holiday at our hotel Tartaruga Bianca means:

  • Using only Solar energy when necessary
  • Transforming solar energy into electric energy through the use of a modern photovoltaic installation<
  • Separating the rubbish so as to make recycling easier
  • Using a small load control device (a little tool that not only lets you avoid overloading the system, but also works towards a rational use of energy)
  • Staying in an environment with an excellent building insulation level (the roof is ventilated and well insulated, and the walls have three layers of waterproofing)
  • Enjoying the benefits of door and window frames with a very low level of heat transfer loss
  • Enjoying the benefits of windows with low emission glass that insulate the internal environment perfectly from excessive heat or cold outside
  • Enjoying a minimum of exposure to magnetic fields thanks to the unique arrangement of the house’s electrical installation.
  • Staying in a healthy environment thanks to the lime-based paints which improve the breathability of the air and create a healthy environment without mould and damp
  • Having the chance to use latest generation Daikin AA class air conditioners which have an energetic performance coefficient equal to 4,70; these air conditioning systems are equipped with
    (a) an inverter system, which guarantees an energy saving of 30%
    (b) a night-time programme to avoid unpleasant sudden changes in temperature
    (c) absolute working silence of both the internal and external unit (sound level reduced to 22 dB(A)
    (d) movement sensor which detects the presence of people in the room and automatically changes the air flow so as to avoid directing it at the users;
    (e) an ECONO function that reduces electrical consumption allowing the titanium apatite photo catalytic filter to guarantee a constant flow of fresh air
  • Making the most of a climactic control system within all the areas by means of an adjustable shading system according to the customer’s requirements
  • voiding wasting water in the bathroom with Geberit dual flush toilet systems



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