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Sardinia - sustainable eco-tourism

Sardinia is still unspoilt, and offers you the chance to discover flora and fauna of particular beauty.

The island’s size and layout is such that even today it is possible to find vast unspoilt areas that are still untouched by man, such as Tiscali, for example.

The increasing attention and respect for the environment is such that the Sardinia Region has created the Forest and Parks Commission, where well-monitored and equipped areas allow both plants and wildlife to flourish in their particularly precious and beautiful natural Mediterranean habitat.

Within these “nature reserves”, thanks to re-population and reforestation projects, it is possible to observe and admire particular species, including the Sardinian mouflon, the fallow deer and stag, the albino donkey, the wild pony, the Sardinian griffon vulture, peregrine falcons, Corsican seagulls and wild boar; just a few examples of wildlife to photograph and admire.

About 70kms away there is the PORTO CONTE Nature Reserve, which has a Centre for Marine and Land-based Environmental Education (C.E.A.MA.T.), and which offers nature trips and guided visits to find out more about this highly regarded natural landscape at first hand.

The area around the mouth of the River Coghinas (Valledoria -Badesi) is also part of a programme referred to as a Site of Community Interest (SIC), and this means that the eco-system has been the subject of numerous nature study and research projects.

For those interested in finding out more about this earthly paradise, it is possible to go for a long walk through the 10 metres high sand dunes, which will give you the chance to observe directly the vegetation that is found in this area, and see how it is linked to the eco-systems that exist among the dunes and the river.

The path is well marked with information boards, each containing a detailed description of what to see, together with photographs that will allow you to recognize all the different examples of both plants and animals that you are likely to find along the way.

For those who like to have a guide, trips are organized with qualified nature guides who will tell you more about the protected area and its ecosystem.

Instead, for those who wish to go on their own, please remember that to enjoy Nature at its best, it’s important to follow a few small and simple rules:
Stay within the limits of the path, don’t damage the vegetation or frighten the animals.
Don’t light fires
Don’t drop litter
Wear suitable clothes and shoes
Don’t make more noise than necessary, and don’t shout or cause a disturbance
Don’t forget to take your binoculars, camera and a magnifying glass.
Please tell the Forestry Commission about anything unusual that you find, whether good or bad, since nature needs your help to remain as it is.

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